Joining the wings from Special Edition series (D17SE, D22SE, D30SE) with V2 ICE regulators is the ideal solution for the “tech” instructors teaching, apart from the other skills, the proper trim and valves maneuvering. This means quicker way for mastering these techniques for the students and the warranty of incredible comfort while diving with the doubles for the technical divers.  The regulators are covered by a 10-year warranty for the first owner. This warranty doesn’t cover mechanical damages or any modifications.

V2 ICE first stage cooperates with most of the second stages of other brands without the loss of warranty, so if you have your favorite 2nd stage, you can simply use it with V2 ICE. The tools needed for servicing do not differ from those used for the servicing of other popular regulators. Spare parts needed for servicing in the field are the same as in the most of the available 1st stages – V2 doesn’t have in this respect any surprising solutions… maybe apart from one – this is V2 ICE – the only such regulator.